Corruptness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Corruptness:

The Doctor was aghast at the horrible, hard-hearted corruptness implied by such coolness and forethought.

But seeing the corruptness of the world, even gratitude is nowadays reckoned among the virtues.

The editors of Aristotle complain of the corruptness of his text; a far worse corruptness lies behind.

Hence, the corruptness and hollowness of all official transactions and political life.

The still darker side of the government can be seen when the ignorance and corruptness of the official class are brought to light.

We need not repeat for the thousandth time the fact of the unutterable corruptness and rottenness of the whole pagan world.

She denounced the corruptness of the monks and clergy with a vigour which delighted their enemies.

His egotism, his moral corruptness, were too close to the surface.

I grow so tired of all this talk about the corruptness of the Chinese!