Immorality [noun]

Definition of Immorality:


Opposite/Antonyms of Immorality:

Sentence/Example of Immorality:

It is a great question whether the immorality of these islanders has been lessened by French civilization.

The extent of juvenile immorality in New Zealand may have been greatly magnified abroad.

Sexual immorality is, by its very nature, a clandestine vice.

Immorality appears to be more prevalent now among younger groups in the community.

Many have been the views expressed as to the reasons for this immorality and the suggested remedies.

It may be that many incredulous people are immoral; this immorality is due to their temperament, and not to their opinions.

Hence immorality prevailed, and every foreigner who visited the land was shocked at the exhibition of profligacy in the streets.

The rise of Chivalry greatly increased the safety of good women and diminished immorality among men.

Specific houses seem to have in them the very germs of immorality and degeneracy.

The result in every case was brought about by the conqueror being strong and brutal—not by the immorality of the victims.