Wickedness [noun]

Definition of Wickedness:


Synonyms of Wickedness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wickedness:


Sentence/Example of Wickedness:

It was not that she could not say "I have done no wickedness;" let us place this heroine in no false light.

You don't know, darling, the wickedness of that villainous baggage.

He was working himself into a rage over the wickedness of Taku-Wakin.

Mankind has not been capable of more utter cruelty and wickedness than were in their hearts.

Idolatry indeed is wickedness; but it is the thing, not the name, which is so.

What was 't you said about our going to that sink of wickedness at Providence?

Hasty you may have been, but I know that wickedness never had a lodgment in your heart.

I will not hear it from your lips, and with the taint of your wickedness upon it.

May he forgive the folly and wickedness of many who have gotten it up!

He did not feel the wickedness of that kind of thing as I did.