Atrocity [noun]

Definition of Atrocity:

outrageous behavior

Synonyms of Atrocity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atrocity:

Sentence/Example of Atrocity:

The atrocity stories were all that Aunt Harriet knew of the war, and all she could think of now.

Time had marvelously softened the atrocity of the act, and heightened its picturesque character.

Beyond this, the story perhaps has little value, except as an offset to the usual anecdotes of Hessian atrocity.

But the barbarities of a licentious army were exceeded in atrocity by the cooler deliberations of the Norman parliament.

I wondered the people could suffer this last atrocity; I thought they must scream and rush to save the wretched man.

And this he said with a sort of tremulous indignation, as though the atrocity bore especially hard upon them.

The Father Prior listened to these complaints for some time in silence, as struck with mute horror by their enormous atrocity.

THE case of this criminal was attended by circumstances of very great atrocity.

Business was brought to a stand, and no military force arriving, the mob continued their acts of lawless atrocity undisturbed.

At this moment, however, an act of atrocity was perpetrated, sufficiently serious to exhibit the nature of the design.