Enormity [noun]

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We’re not going to stop causing the enormity of harms we do to animals because we care about chickens and pigs—it’s going to be because we create a new technology that renders the current system obsolete.

This is the last CEO Daily of 2020, and I am struggling with how to capture the enormity of the year in 300 words.

A Google Doc of incarcerated Americans who have died from the disease shows the enormity—and anonymity—of the toll.

She had called the culprit to her desk just before the noon recess and now showed her the enormity of her offenses.

"Here, let go my hand," she added, suddenly conscious of the enormity John Sibley was committing by squeezing it now.

But the youth and inexperience of Riaro excused the enormity of a crime perpetrated under the sanction of the supreme pontiff.

It was marked in the circumstances and enormity of the crime, and marked in the subsequent good conduct of the prisoner.

I know that is an enormity, but I heard the Major tell of currying horses once.

Could the archbishop believe that he would ever pardon so preposterous an enormity?

Stover was too firmly persuaded of the enormity of his offense and the depth of his ignominy.