Triviality [noun]

Definition of Triviality:


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Sentence/Example of Triviality:

All omit one or other of the absolute essentials, or dwell on some triviality.

And that aspect has nothing of triviality in it, it is full of beauty and joy.

His indolence, his triviality, his worldliness become her own.

What he could not pardon was triviality, and he hoped that no decent woman could pardon it either.

Stone brushed this triviality aside with a wave of his heavy hand.

And you will accomplish this triviality by means of Huxley's comet, I suppose?

But she did not suffer so much, because she despised the triviality of these other people.

She thought it anomalous in him that he could be so thoroughly absorbed in a triviality.

The triviality or vulgarity does not depend on what we do, but on the spirit in which it is done.

Nine cases out of ten I bring to an issue by means of a triviality.