Irrelevance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Irrelevance:

Since Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas led the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowl losses, the Bills tumbled into national irrelevance, having won their last playoff game in 1995.

The television commercial is at risk of irrelevance—pushing the TV ad of the future to be more than just a one-size-fits-all commercial break.

His finely-marked eyebrows went up in surprise at the irrelevance of my question, but he smiled.

"Jest half a mile from Pettybone's house to the dam," he continued, with apparent irrelevance.

It cannot be denied, I think, if this is taken quite rigorously, that there is a certain air of irrelevance about it.

She added with an irrelevance that was only apparent, "I've had to take all four rooms to keep other people out."

Every other question than that was to those young Philistines merely a fine-spun irrelevance.

"'E says sometimes as what 'e ought to give 'imself up and say what 'e saw," went on Mrs. Piper with seeming irrelevance.

There is another subject I would fain touch on here, at the risk even of irrelevance; it refers to the Soho style of coiffure.

"Margery's very bad this morning," he went on, with seeming irrelevance.