Insignificance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Insignificance:

The loftiest pagan philosophy dwindled into insignificance before the sublimity of Christian hope.

Her plain purple coat and wide Leghorn hat, with black ribbons, had the effect not of elegance, but of insignificance.

Indeed, the old Latin communities, with the exception of Tibur and Prneste, had sunk into insignificance.

Never in all his life had Tom felt his own insignificance as he did now.

They abound with passages compared with which the finest declamations of Burke sink into insignificance.

From this happy dream, I too soon awoke to an agonizing consciousness of my own insignificance.

It began with an attempt to show the insignificance of all existing medical knowledge.

Shortage of sleep, over-marching, severe fighting, sink into insignificance beside an empty stomach.

They would have reduced the Pope to insignificance and seized his territories, without uniting Italy.

But all these dealings with lands across the sea paled into insignificance beside the task imposed on Canada by the Great War.