Immateriality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Immateriality:

Of course no one need demand that a strict immateriality be attached to these words.

The old familiar look of incredulity crept into their eyes when they came to an understanding of the immateriality of the dose.

It will become the most complete of all reflexes of Nature by reason of its untrammeled immateriality.

The immateriality of light had been substantially demonstrated, but practically no one save its author accepted the demonstration.

His evidences for the existence, the immateriality, and the unity of God, are conceived in the same spirit.

They have, however, very proper sentiments about the immateriality and the immortality of the soul.

Besides, if we should admit this theory, what would become of the proofs of the immateriality of the soul?

Immateriality is but another name for nonentity—it is the negative of all things, and beings—of all existence.

From this immateriality, however, he did not derive the tenet of its immortality.

Indeed, there is nothing which affords better proof of immateriality than the act of eating.