Incongruity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incongruity:

Despite the incongruity of trying to make the famously raucous and crowded Miracle scene Covid-19-friendly, the program could be a lifeline for bars, especially in New York, where drinking establishments have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

She was always trying to make Thyrsis realize this incongruity, and to persuade him to put some "charming" lines into her part.

The incongruity was too remarkable; the good folks would either put him to the door, or only let him in to send for the police.

There is reverence and piety proclaimed by her presence and no thought of incongruity obtruded.

They seemed to feel a sort of incongruity between their education and the business life.

The incongruity of Finucane's avocation, and his manners and appearance, amused his new friend Pen.

I believe, furthermore, that the very essence of boy humor is bound up with the amazing incongruity of his instincts.

Bred as he had been at home, he felt no incongruity between dirty collars and the study of divinity.

The same incongruity in architecture is to be observed in the bridges at Matlock Town and Darley.

The incongruity of such imaginings here—here amidst omnipotent silence—rendered such thoughts impossible.