Difference [noun]

Definition of Difference:

dissimilarity, distinctness

Opposite/Antonyms of Difference:

Sentence/Example of Difference:

While you can also make a slurry with flour, there are certain differences between the two starches that one must take into consideration.

These are generic industry terms that may sound good to include in your content but don’t necessarily make much of a difference.

Then he talked about Florida and Michigan, and the differences between county authorities and phone lines and waitlists and lotteries and … it became obvious what his advantage was.

The disproportionate death toll exposed the deadly consequences of poverty, exploitative and dangerous labor conditions and false beliefs about biological difference.

Two of her sons have neurodevelopmental differences and “wouldn’t know where to draw the line in public,” she explained.

Her frustration with racial differences between schools led her to write an article in 1891 in the Memphis Free Speech, which she co-owned, exposing the inequality.

Sure, as long as we can meet at the understanding that difference of opinions can be a positive thing.

The big difference with Maximize Conversions is that it is less focused on your acquisition costs and more on volume.

Yet history tells us that America works best when just enough of us see politics as a mediation of differences rather than as total, unrelenting warfare.

Whenever we have options, though, individual decisions can make a difference.