Normality [noun]

Definition of Normality:


Synonyms of Normality:

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Sentence/Example of Normality:

When his normality abandoned him, he avoided a greater tragedy.

The glory of his temperament was its splendid sanity, balance, and normality.

Her innocence of any wrong-doing in no way restored her to normality.

She was surprised into normality, and began to smile as she looked about her.

The striking thing about the abnormality of the Germans is its normality in amount.

The physical culturists must build models of normality for the scientists to study.

A world of normality here, normal to me now because I was part of it.

Any deviation from normality involves a tendency to return into it.

Another reason for Michael's nonchalant happiness was his normality.

In time they emerged from the tunnel, into what seemed, by contrast, a normality.