Regularity [noun]

Definition of Regularity:


Synonyms of Regularity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regularity:

Sentence/Example of Regularity:

There seemed to be neither plan nor regularity to their journeying.

She had fine eyes and a fine complexion, yet no regularity of feature.

Tracey was quiet for a time, working with the regularity of a mind relieved.

That makes two degrees, the first of which is regularity and the second virtue.

The Englishman's arms shot into the slime with the regularity of pistons.

This type of flower is much prized by those who like regularity of petals.

His life had gradually assumed all the regularity of clockwork.

The city is laid out with a regularity that is almost painful.

When made with precision and regularity, they present a neat appearance.

It is true that this generalization does not hold with regularity.