Constancy [noun]

Definition of Constancy:


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Sentence/Example of Constancy:

World-weary and sick at heart, they still struggled to sustain each other, and to meet their dreadful fate with heroic constancy.

Arcite is supposed to have worn white, red, or green; but he did not wear blue, for that was the colour of constancy.

Both here and in the Squieres Tale we find the allusions to Lamech, and to blue as the colour of constancy; see notes to ll.

He was kept a long time in prison, twice racked by order of the council, and every effort was made to shake his constancy.

The constancy and danger of a twenty years' passion is a subject upon which I hardly know how to be serious.

Moreover, on the coins of Syracuse the dog as the emblem of constancy is represented in company with the goddess Diana.

The propagation of the Christian faith, and the constancy of their martyrs, have nothing surprising in them.

We find no foresight, no constancy, no consistency in his conduct; no connection, no clearness in his discourses.

The constancy of the two, however, was very different in essential meaning.

The limit of concentration depends, for constancy, upon the nature of the salts.