Fealty [noun]

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By the 1980s, however, the tide had begun to turn against the Fairness Doctrine as fealty to market fundamentalism and conservative ideology were ascendant.

Garland merely has to display independence and fealty to equal justice under the law and it will be an improvement.

The mayor’s boldest land use proposal, offered on the way out the door, still pays fealty to the city’s century-long commitment to single-family housing above all.

The history of that terrible hour is brightened by many such instances of native fealty.

And Richard raised each up, kissed him on the mouth, and promised love and protection so long as he observed fealty.

Hakon swore fealty to the King, and likewise to afford him such service as he was bounden to give him.

Hence the oath of fealty was a personal obligation, and investiture was needful before the new feudee took possession.

Harwood realized that he must either decline outright or declare his fealty in a word.

Lkath of the Sadong Dyaks left while we were administering the oath; there is no blood of fealty on his forehead.

If this be true, I would refuse him the hand of the girl, though he claimed the fealty of the British realms.