Inconstancy [noun]

Definition of Inconstancy:

disloyalty to an obligation

Synonyms of Inconstancy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inconstancy:

Sentence/Example of Inconstancy:

The seemingly rigid boundaries between cells and within species are flexible and inconstant.

That the inconstancy of such notices, in cases equally important, proves they did not proceed from any such agent.

Grene, fresh; probably with a reference to green as being the colour of inconstancy.

She soon began to find sinister meaning in the jocular speeches that are current in the world as to the inconstancy of men.

With respect to moral delinquency, the only blemish in the character of Festus is a certain inconstancy in love.

To him Cavour's slow patient policy came of mere weakness and inconstancy of purpose.

He was tired of her, and yet he seems to have been ashamed to confess his inconstancy.

Huguenots and papists were alike gratified when the world was relieved of so signal an example of inconstancy and perfidy.

The natural effect of this inconstancy will be, a disregard of ALL truth, and a ready admission of every sceptical principle.

A spherical head denoted inconstancy, forgetfulness, and want of discretion.