Faithfulness [noun]

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The series has done its fair share of Wikipedia educating, even when the on-screen tellings aren’t 100 percent faithful to reality.

The most faithful imitator, painstakingly designed with feedback from Olympic marathoner Jared Ward and other elite runners, appears to be Saucony’s Endorphin Pro.

Because Mediafax’s contents were copied and redistributed by the faithful, it had far more reach than its subscriber list suggested.

Christians can move forward to help heal our nation by seeking a balance of political engagement and faithful discipleship.

However they find each other, screech-owls usually stay together as long as they both live and, based on paternity tests of chicks, they are entirely faithful.

The electors are chosen by each state’s political parties, and usually are party leaders, activists or elected state and local officials who are viewed as faithful to their party.

He was found in the company of his faithful Azeri henchman Fikret Magerramov and an American-made Ingram submachine gun, complete with a silencer.

On the establishment of the Empire Berthier, like many another, received the reward for his faithfulness to Napoleon.

Another Christian argument is the claim that the faithfulness of the Christian martyrs proves Christianity to be true.

Several other books were also published by him, reflecting great honor upon his integrity, candor and faithfulness.