Fidelity [noun]

Definition of Fidelity:

faithfulness in a relationship

Synonyms of Fidelity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fidelity:

Sentence/Example of Fidelity:

To date most companies have struggled to produce quantum processors bearing more than double digit-qubits with fidelity.

It’s also possible to push them into particular states and read those states back out with high fidelity.

Whereas images stored with existing methods tended to lose fidelity over time, the new chip’s images remained crystal clear.

Ions flowing in memristors made from unalloyed materials tend to scatter as the components get smaller, meaning the signal loses fidelity and the resulting computations are less reliable.

One key to this success has been developing fidelity standards.

All bribery, and injustice shall be blotted out, and fidelity shall stand for ever.

It makes one believe that fundamentally the country must be sound—that unswerving fidelity to an ideal.

Its resolution will be put into practice with all fidelity by the executive power in its character of responsible government.

His duties as Pipe-master, Hennemann discharged with great fidelity; yea, even with genuine fanatical zeal.

The foresters of Selkirk, as we have seen, had stood by Edward, and apparently had suffered not a little for their fidelity.