Vacillation [noun]

Definition of Vacillation:


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Sentence/Example of Vacillation:

Is the stamp of fear and vacillation to be on every act of our lives?

In spite of his vacillation, her uncle was deeply attached to her.

But, in truth, Sir Harry's blackness was still the result of vacillation.

I observe, too, a vacillation in your step—a joyous inquietude in your eyes.

Vacillation of the inhabitants of the village between the two parties.

She hesitated; for a moment she was adorable in vacillation.

Her mind had vacillated like a shuttlecock, but no one had seen the vacillation.

Peter's vacillation had its counterpart in the defection of the Galatians.

Instability, vacillation, and change are its characteristics.

Vacillation and self-contradiction were the order of the day.