Indecisiveness [noun]

Definition of Indecisiveness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Indecisiveness:

Sentence/Example of Indecisiveness:

Next, consider what problems you might face, and what resources you might need, if the Electoral College vote is indecisive, and this situation goes into early January.

He had none of the “indecisiveness which commonly renders literary men of no use in the world” (Sir John Dalrymple).

The indecisiveness which never dared to grasp the thistle firmly was troubling him with a new dilemma.

Tenney started away in a dazed indecisiveness and Raven remembered his hurt and that he probably could not run.

Where Hilary had paused, there was a milling indecisiveness.

The indecisiveness, or feebleness, of his movements was more pronounced.