Procrastination [noun]

Definition of Procrastination:


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Sentence/Example of Procrastination:

He has many noble qualities, but procrastination is his fault.

My darling, remember what Pilcher said about procrastination.

But impetuous Peggy could not be brought to acknowledge that procrastination could ever be wise.

Thoughtlessness, carelessness, procrastination—and then it was too late.

There is nothing easier than procrastination if you once give in to it.

But procrastination and accident equally interfered with his purpose.

Their motto was in these words, namely, "Procrastination is the thief of time."

And it must be determined at once; procrastination was impossible.

Peter knew not the meaning of the words timidity and procrastination.

Like all timid and vacillating tempers, he sought refuge in procrastination.