Wavering [adjective]

Definition of Wavering:


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Sentence/Example of Wavering:

He confirmed his friends in their confidence, fixed the wavering, and gratified all.

Hetty's eyes were fixed on his now, with no wavering in their gaze.

Only her husband's earnest remonstrances decided her wavering will.

Yet hitherto our star has been a vacillating and wavering star?

Wavering faith, in its chosen determining principles, is confirmed.

"But that man is not Karl Armstadt," cried Katrina in a wavering voice.

I saw the feeble fools were wavering, and, to save all, made a leap in the dark.

Even Will be Will seemed to be wavering in his allegiance to Diabolus.

The prince's decision was definite, and as his character was, there was no wavering.

Edward hung at the door, wavering; the suggestion had unhallowed charms.