Fluctuating [verb]

Definition of Fluctuating:

vacillate, change

Synonyms of Fluctuating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluctuating:

Sentence/Example of Fluctuating:

They might instead represent a relational measure that connects an organism’s constitution with fluctuating information from the world.

The Constitution says nothing about how many justices there must be on the Supreme Court, and over time, the number has fluctuated.

Concentrations of smoke can also fluctuate from day to night, especially where the terrain is complex.

“A guaranteed buy like Platform Burst could interest advertisers because it removes the uncertainty of fluctuating costs in an auction,” said Carly Carson, director of social at digital agency PMG.

Finally in August, a specialist in Anchorage told Stewart she may have a rare and incurable connective tissue disorder, as well as a condition related to her low blood pressure and fluctuating heart rate.

The sober people of America are weary of the fluctuating policy which has directed the public councils.

Ideas are fluctuating, transitory, and 'come into the mind unbidden.'

He closed his eyes as he sat in his room, the fluctuating colors on the walls going unappreciated.

There were many schemes fluctuating through his brain, and all accompanied by many doubts.

One sat by his side fanning him as he slept, her hand on the feeble, fluctuating pulsations which foreboded sad results.