Persist [verb]

Definition of Persist:

carry on, carry through

Opposite/Antonyms of Persist:

Sentence/Example of Persist:

Why should she persist in this eternal search for this impossible condition?

I beg of you to persist in your address—the unnatural brother called it address!

But if you persist in this way, Nat,—don't you know what it means?

But why will you persist in living up here without any comfort?

But what you do not know is that the type once established does not persist of its own accord.

What if she were to persist in her offer—were to work with him, urge him to work with her?

So he calls it the ‘Fruhling Symphonie,’ and will persist in playing it as such.

Why should he persist—for that matter, why should he go at all?

She laughed and did not persist, though she had coloured still more.

You see very well that you are conquered, so why should you persist any longer?