Prevail [verb]

Definition of Prevail:

dominate, control

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevail:

Sentence/Example of Prevail:

Your efforts will not prevail; for our gates shall for ever deny you admittance.

It must be a miserable imposture, indeed, that does not prevail in that contest.

Lady Booby was going to call her back again, but could not prevail with herself.

Then shall I prevail upon her, no doubt, if loth before, to fly.

I cannot act entirely on my own judgment, but I assure you that in the end my judgment will prevail.

An universal mourning seemed to prevail throughout the city.

However, our efforts will not all be in vain, and truth will prevail in the end.

It seemed that the wiser counsel was to prevail, then, after all!

She could not, however, at once prevail upon her to comply with her rival's terms.

He should have thousands of enemies and prevail over them all.