Predominate [verb]

Definition of Predominate:

be the most important, noticeable

Synonyms of Predominate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Predominate:

Sentence/Example of Predominate:

But this statement is incorrect; sometimes it is the men, but more often the women, who predominate.

In what passages does her desire to taunt and ridicule Sir Peter predominate?

On this side of the cañon the bare rock did not predominate.

And for the young Mildmays it was more than natural that the sadness should predominate.

Under these 72 circumstances, it was inevitable that the claims of the man should predominate.

The two sets of faculties never could be exercised in equal measure at the same time: one or the other had to predominate.

The bitterness of the hop is so mellowed with the malt, as not to predominate.

The colors are about in equal proportions, though the red may predominate.

At this time of the year the fats should predominate as it does in pemmican.

Those in which the blood of the Musk and China predominate are comparatively hardy.