Outweigh [verb]

Definition of Outweigh:

override, dominate

Synonyms of Outweigh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outweigh:

Sentence/Example of Outweigh:

But he has many good points which often outweigh his baser instincts.

Great as was her own passion, it did not outweigh his feeling.

Is it natural that his love for his church should outweigh his passion for the woman?

Every one knew that Canada could outweigh all these things fifty times over.

Thus, thus can I supply all that is wanting; thus can I outweigh the balance of my sins.

Two witnesses against him were sufficient to outweigh any testimony he might give.

And what is that one thing which can outweigh the one thing needful?

But that is only saying that one human thought will outweigh another.

A lover evidently, for who else could outweigh the love and gratitude which she must feel to you?

He and little Bessy ought to outweigh the regard for Mr. Carrington.