Surpass [verb]

Definition of Surpass:

outdo something or someone

Synonyms of Surpass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surpass:

Sentence/Example of Surpass:

But I say to all men, what we have achieved in liberty, we will surpass in greater liberty.

He made our dreaming: shall it surpass in its making his mighty self?

Only one thing could surpass him: the scythe of death which blindly mows the world.

It is of course impossible to surpass perfection, but it is possible to be made one with it.

What hunt of spectres could surpass that dread pursuit and flight!

For the girls in a crowd have for me a fascination which only the girls at the bath can surpass.

The reception was to surpass in grandeur any fête ever held in Ellan.

He was working hard at his novel, which promised to surpass everything that he had yet done.

Not done with: he engages to surpass All yet performed in Ireland.

No tale of modern corruption can surpass the record of their plundering of a nation.