Better [adjective]

Definition of Better:

excelling, more excellent

Opposite/Antonyms of Better:

Sentence/Example of Better:

Then pair it with regulatory changes to help the housing market work better for more people.

As the actors do it more and more, they get better and better.

With such training, police departments will be better positioned to collect and evaluate data on their own.

Researchers are hopeful about using machine learning techniques to analyze medical data like patient records, which could help doctors better treat patients by knowing how they’ll likely respond to certain therapies.

Non-Black allies of color are also taking steps to support food justice — providing meals to a Black Lives Matter chapter, championing Black chefs, and better fostering workplace diversity.

After all, creators with millions of followers know how to milk the platform better than marketers do.

City officials signed off on the changes, which would give law enforcement supervisors better tracking of bad behavior among other things.

Simply put, eunuchs are more agile, better fighters and better at defending a mate.

Of course, considerations of weight have to be taken into account, but the more mould round the roots the better.

"Better so," was the Senora's sole reply; and she fell again into still deeper, more perplexed thought about the hidden treasure.