Preferable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Preferable:

The latter was equally plausible; but, if it came, would it not be preferable to the other?

This will be found to be very delicious and preferable to any other kind.

In either way, the certainty must be preferable to the suspense.

For the unhappiness of Youth is preferable to the resignation of Age.

Villaret reminded him that we were the guests of a German, and that it was preferable to be quiet.

Anything, even a republic was preferable to that House of Savoy.

There are things in which ignorance may be preferable to knowledge.'

One short spit of orange was preferable to a prolonged hullabaloo.

For this purpose fowls are preferable, because the breasts are larger.

She reflected that it was, after all, preferable that the position should be perfectly plain.