Desirable [adjective]

Definition of Desirable:

attractive, seductive

Synonyms of Desirable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desirable:

Sentence/Example of Desirable:

The reason an injunction is so desirable for law enforcement is that the police don’t have the resources to pursue gang members when they commit bona fide crimes.

“Legislation like this rarely takes into account the ripple effect on all workers of the impact on the employer, which can result in outcomes that are less desirable than intended,” Walshok said.

Many people, including scientists, are concerned that rogue scientists wouldn’t stop at editing out diseases and would create “designer babies” with enhanced athletic ability, intelligence or other desirable traits.

A raised, sloped area—where the keys are broken up by the triangular shape—helps create a more desirable, comfortable position for your hands.

The piece, which argues the pandemic has forever made cities like New York less desirable, got a ton of pushback.

Of course, TikTok is not the only other option for marketers, but it’s a newer channel with cheaper CPMs and a desirable demographic for many brands, especially ecommerce brands, that made the upstart platform more attractive.

Cook, author of the utility study, said utilities typically manage contracts in dozens of jurisdictions at one time, so it’s desirable to have a “boiler plate” contract that’s the same across any boundary.

Gathering vital information surrounding your target audience and customers will assist you in creating a valuable and desirable customer experience.

Image is another element that can take a lot of space and clutter up your website, thereby making the loading time a bit slower than is desirable.

This shortage is what can lead to long lines to get an apartment, especially in the more desirable places.