Disadvantageous [adjective]

Definition of Disadvantageous:

detrimental, inconvenient

Opposite/Antonyms of Disadvantageous:

Sentence/Example of Disadvantageous:

Kimura posited that most of the variation between organisms is neither advantageous nor disadvantageous.

Tracking the chemical statistics of an ever-changing environment needs a simple solution to a complex problem—an overly specialized map may even be disadvantageous here.

The suit should not be so full of possible tenaces as to make it disadvantageous to open it.

Castalia lacked the Ancram gift of embellishing disadvantageous circumstances.

Constructional requirements determined as the only available position for this rudder a rather disadvantageous one.

Most of his English counsellors dissuaded him from accepting conditions so disadvantageous and dishonorable.

Egerton advised him that the demise was disadvantageous, but that it might be hard to terminate it without Browne's concurrence.

The disadvantageous circumstances of this woman illustrate the superiority of her faith.

I felt more than ever, and by constant experience, that every unequal association is disadvantageous to the weaker person.

The War having ended, the disadvantageous agreement expired with it.