Unfavorable [adjective]

Definition of Unfavorable:

very bad

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfavorable:

Sentence/Example of Unfavorable:

A battle then follows, which is unfavorable to Ongenþew's army.

To establish and limit a loss on an unfavorable purchase of actual sugar.

Grease or resin in the water used for washing, is also unfavorable.

For the most part the unfavorable geographical position is to blame.

For two days the wind was unfavorable; the captain did not come on deck.

For some time previous the weather had been broken and unfavorable.

She would have liked to converse with her friend, but the circumstances were unfavorable.

For the present every circumstance is unfavorable for you, and we must be careful.

In our Super-Hibernia, the unfavorable has been construed as the favorable.

Under many other conditions the chances are unfavorable and the result does not happen at all.