Antagonistic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Antagonistic:

In many of the competitive races, Republicans have risked their seats by jamming through the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who is perceived as antagonistic to Obamacare.

So there’s a gap in the sports coverage that’s antagonistic, almost, to power and authority.

Many adults, it is said, hardly have a rudiment of this feeling, pairing the most fiercely antagonistic tints.

This heterodox opinion brought upon him a crowd of antagonistic replies, and amongst them the Rfutation of Bodin.

From the first he had taken up an antagonistic attitude, and would not admit that the cases given proved anything.

Ecclesiastical as well as political parties were no doubt strongly defined, and for a time strongly antagonistic.

He will keep quiet so long as you do; but if you make an antagonistic move be will punish you if possible.

Her religious notions and home-grown prejudices were antagonistic to the complete emancipation of her intelligence.

Fourthly, it sowed the seeds for future trouble; for it was the temporary union of two antagonistic principles.

Always I had been a wasp in their spider's web, difficult to claim as a tool, uncritical, antagonistic.