Combative [adjective]

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It’s a sweet encapsulation of the pair’s relationship, which is mostly combative except when they’re sticking up for each other.

However, they revealed Maxwell to have been a combative and loyal defender of Epstein, insistent at every turn that she was aware of no misdeeds by him and refusing to concede even basic information about their interactions.

A defensive and combative Ghislaine Maxwell, the onetime partner of Jeffrey Epstein, insisted in long-sealed court testimony made public Thursday that she had no knowledge of the deceased financier having sexual contact with minors.

Erdogan’s combative response to the clashes, which saw him attack the Armenian leadership and offer full support to Azerbaijan, marks a break with previous rounds of fighting in the region.

Blunt and combative, Sargent was one of the executives at the center of the price-fixing scandal over ebooks a decade ago, but more recently had turned his fire on libraries.

During the reign of Mr. Cousins there was a rupture at the place, and many combative letters were written with reference to it.

Dick's rather combative look changed instantly into shamefacedness, and he shook hands again.

The little woman was so combative and incisive that this always seemed a necessary precaution on the part of that gentleman.

Many a woman is antagonistic, is combative, because she is forced into such a position, not because she herself desires it.

It is combative—in the sense that it shapes nature's forces—and it calls for a sense of artistry in its practitioners.