Quarrelsome [adjective]

Definition of Quarrelsome:

being disagreeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Quarrelsome:

Sentence/Example of Quarrelsome:

She was uneducated and ill-mannered, impulsive and quarrelsome.

At first, to be sure, the workmen showed a quarrelsome disposition.

As to Bornier, he came straight to me in a decided and quarrelsome manner.

He was not quarrelsome, though, like the sparrow; but peaceful, like the dove.

Their drawing-rooms are quite a happy family of the most quarrelsome tints.'

Is he not a bore, and the worst of all bores too,—a quarrelsome one?

And then we come to the great offence—your quarrelsome habits.

Men must be quarrelsome, you'd say, if they could fight about paving-stones—but so they did.

Frank was not a quarrelsome boy, but this repeated insult was too much for him.

One was soft and kind and full of love, the other was harsh and quarrelsome.