Pettish [adjective]

Definition of Pettish:

being disagreeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Pettish:

Sentence/Example of Pettish:

Nor was there in this her conclusion anything of chagrin, or pettish self-humiliation.

She threw it down upon the table with a pettish gesture that was wholly feminine.

“But you know I go to sleep when I am rocking,” said Tessa, in pettish remonstrance.

Now, Margaret, do not be pettish, and deny yourself what you know you like best.

Mr. Haydon affected not to see the pettish act, but turned to his companion.

Polly laughed, and did the same, feeling sorry she had been so pettish.

And he left the house in sorrow, and just, but not pettish, indignation.

Frank thrust out one hand and gave the animal a pettish push.

Ephraim was always gentle, even when I was pettish and cross.

She was such a very baby, with her ready blushes and her pettish, lovely face.