Irritable [adjective]

Definition of Irritable:

bad-tempered, crabby

Opposite/Antonyms of Irritable:

Sentence/Example of Irritable:

He became irritable, distressed, and anxious—struggled hard to get the needful sum together, struggled and strove; but failed.

As, during the whole pepper-harvest, they feed wholly on this stimulant, they become exceedingly irritable.

There was also a moral reaction, and the boy became capricious, irritable, and unlike his former self.

There are few greater annoyances of life than an irritable woman, rendered doubly morose by the infirmities of years.

The Colonel, who was suffering from an attack of rheumatic gout, was more irritable than usual.

He drove with a sort of irritable feverishness, until Henri leaned over and touched him on the shoulder.

It was Tanqueray who kept on looking at him with clear, contemplative eyes under brows no longer irritable.

Thank you: now go and forget every cross word I have said to you,—I am out of sorts, and nervous, and irritable.

Her irritable thoughts made a kind of grievance against him of the attack of pneumonia which she was told had injured his health.

Just after the comatose condition which follows an attack of epilepsy patients are also prone to be very irritable.