Crotchety [adjective]

Definition of Crotchety:

irritable, often due to old age

Synonyms of Crotchety:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crotchety:

Sentence/Example of Crotchety:

I took that jelly to a crotchety old patient of mine who is boarding, and reviles all the jelly his nurse buys for him.

Taking up a residence in the tangled shrubbery or thickety undergrowth, it immediately begins to scold like a crotchety old wren.

Neither do they dote madly on their crotchety uncles in the slippers and dressing-gowns of 78.

The most crotchety member of the intellectual community might find his own hobby in those stables.

The proportion of crotchety agitators among the population of foreign birth we believe to be actually less than among the natives.

When kept as pets they become very tame, though some are crotchety tempered, and bite severely.

Susanna, plain and a little crotchety, who had never had a sweetheart to coax the thin lips into smiles.

For he was a person rich in friends, reserved as he generally was, and crotchety as most of them thought him.

Oh, we shall rake them all, but Blackbeard may have changed that crotchety mind of his and taken the men back to his ship.

His second important peculiarity shows that he must have been an odd and crotchety creature, but one with sense in his crotchets.