Vinegary [adjective]

Definition of Vinegary:

having strong affect on animate senses

Synonyms of Vinegary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vinegary:

Sentence/Example of Vinegary:

It's out of favour I am with the vinegary virgins over the way.

"You seem to be alone in your opinion," said the Baron with his vinegary smile.

There was one vinegary old maid to whom he applied who gave me a cold chill.

Falk clasped a hand, hard as a beetle, and received a vinegary smile.

The little girls actually point to me with furtive, vinegary glances, for they are more ingenuously hypocritical than women.

"I think it's too horrible to think about," said the former, suddenly, and with a vinegary aspect of countenance.

If she hadnt been a Willoughby, one would have said that the lady of vinegary aspect snorted.

His vinegary daughter Charity out of the way, Pecksniff began to persecute Mary more and more.

Furneaux, though suffering from a splitting headache, had recovered the use of a vinegary tongue.

With these words she took her partners arm and tripped along, with swaying hips and smiling a vinegary smile on all sides.