Piquant [adjective]

Definition of Piquant:

flavorful, biting

Synonyms of Piquant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piquant:

Sentence/Example of Piquant:

But that bit about the sober gray eyes and the piquant chin Jane was responsible for.

It was so much more beautiful to be dainty and small and piquant.

And of these, the following, if not the most piquant and interesting, are the most indispensable to our History.

Not all the sauces in Christendom could have made it so piquant and appetizing.

It was a recollection of this that made the present situation so piquant and humorous.

That was a piquant incident at the College as described by Hal.

She stopped here, and challenged my opinion with a piquant, questioning look.

A discovery in the world of literature, a story of daring and piquant interest.

Kate, however, kept her dark eyebrows knitted in a piquant frown.

Elsie's piquant daintiness was more than ever fascinating to him.