Provocative [adjective]

Definition of Provocative:


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Sentence/Example of Provocative:

Monsieur, if you wish to be heard, let me beg of you not to be provocative in your language.

If the few words I have used so far have been provocative, I regret it.

To see these flying-fish this way was provocative of thought.

The conduct of McNeice and Malcolmson was offensive and provocative.

Theirs indeed was not provocative of discussion; if satisfactory, it was also obvious.

Paris was as stimulating and provocative as a paid mistress, but palled as quickly.

Even then he did not grasp the full import of her provocative question.

On her lips was a smile, impudent, provocative, extremely attractive.

As I did not attempt, we remained in silence for a moment while he waited, provocative.

Mr. Pickwick, in his speech, was certainly self-laudatory and provocative.