Stimulant [noun]

Definition of Stimulant:

substance that invigorates

Synonyms of Stimulant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stimulant:

Sentence/Example of Stimulant:

That he had needed a stimulant that day was because he had been soured and would not try with his wits about him.

And the stimulant she found in the savage wooing of his unscrupulous rival.

It seemed as if every nerve was crying out for the stimulant which it was denied.

What impulse, what stimulant, what overmastering, driving necessity had they compared with his?

Alcohol is not a stimulant, but is really a narcotic that is very depressing.

Aromatic spirits of ammonia should also be given as a stimulant.

A stimulant may be given when the patient is so far recovered that he is able to swallow.

Pray give her some stimulant to arouse her dormant faculties, if only for a moment.

Prue ought to have been a wreck; but there is no stimulant like success.

He motions with his hand to the cup of stimulant the doctor has left him.