Motive [noun]

Definition of Motive:

reason, purpose

Synonyms of Motive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motive:

Sentence/Example of Motive:

What other motive they can have, is to us, at least, inconceivable.

It is a fault in art because it is impossible to motive it in a few lines.

One can only motive and explain this suicide by self-immolating love.

Filial devotion to her father had been one motive, but not the only one.

In addition to this motive he felt an inclination to probe the matter to its utmost depths.

They could not understand the motive, and feared a stratagem.

My every action, word, thought, had my feeling for Rima as a motive.

I will not deny that I was a ringleader in this affair, though I know I had no other motive than escape.

Whatever the motive for his masquerade, it was not to attract anything feminine.

Have you formed an idea what the motive is, if not the same as ours?