Root [noun]

Definition of Root:

base, core

Opposite/Antonyms of Root:

Sentence/Example of Root:

He sat still, just lifting the root of his tail as you stroked him.

In short, the difficulty is not to fix people, but to root them up.

We must cultivate the noble virtues that have their root in pride.

And not one of their suggestions seems to go to the root of the matter.

The root of all evil is the desire to get money without earning it.

But how they respect a man who's got the root they're all grubbing for!

Is there no leaf, no root you know that would save me from death?

As long as I was dissecting I might at least discover the root of the disease.

The great Republic has the root of the destructive matter in her.

Formerly duty was paid not upon the root itself but its product.