Bedrock [noun]

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I think decency is the bedrock of defining what makes us humans.

In the long term, the thinking goes, culture is a better bedrock for a rebuild than a hypothetical prospect.

Yet the choice — to know he was positive yet participate in close contact over and over again — casts aside the discipline Turner needed to transform himself from onetime castoff to franchise bedrock.

The Affordable Care Act’s LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections, in combination with a commitment to sexual and reproductive healthcare, provided a solid bedrock for the NHAS.

The bedrock of your on-site SEO efforts is your content which, I believe, we have discussed as incisive as possible.

The rubble and bedrock bottoms found in most streams of the Flint Hills have been described.

In many places the streams of the Big Caney system flow over resistant limestone members, which form a bedrock bottom.

One long pool 500 feet by 50 feet with a variety of depths and bottom conditions ranging from mud to bedrock.

Firm-fixed it stood upon its bedrock of tradition that in matters of fraud, crime should be punished to the full limit of the law.

Deep, unconstricted bedrock channels and basins with weak currents occur in mid-Bay and the west inlet.