Substratum [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Substratum:

The bottom was quite even and flat, resting upon a substratum of coral.

Beneath Verinder's bland manner there lurked a substratum of triumph.

"There may always be a substratum of friendship," she argued.

The substratum was showing itself for a moment in the character of the Countess.

For only that which has matter as its substratum can be quantitatively differentiated.

But the "substratum" of the soul must be something else in addition to this.

There was some substratum of sense in Beaumanoir's chaffing.

There is a substratum of iniquity lower than any writers have ever touched.

Miracles are the substratum of the foundation underlying our faith.

In this, as in most other popular errors, there is found a substratum of reason.