Infrastructure [noun]

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Perigee founder Mollie Breen used to work for NSA where she built a security solution to help protect the agency’s critical infrastructure.

The program, enacted by Congress in 2014, is intended to help accelerate water infrastructure upgrades at low interest rates, which tend to be expensive and not necessarily lucrative for a city.

Industry has brought paved roads, better schools, and modern information infrastructure.

Even as it competes with the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, the company is still dependent on infrastructure from, yes, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

There’s a lot of complexity in the infrastructure and integration of these enterprise systems.

Technological infrastructure was already an issue in many regions where your fund operates.

Hauer estimates that hundreds of thousands of climate refugees will move into the city by 2100, swelling its population and stressing its infrastructure.

In May there was a big announcement of the new infrastructure initiative, which is designed to focus on 5G and mobile edge computing to encourage domestic companies to take part in that.

The most obvious risk of stalling is rainfall accumulating over a longer period of time, but Hall says there is also the threat of winds continuing to drive storm surge and damage human infrastructure.

The FDA thwarted efforts to implement new testing infrastructure supported by the Gates Foundation.