Groundwork [noun]

Definition of Groundwork:

basis, fundamentals

Synonyms of Groundwork:

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Sentence/Example of Groundwork:

While Senate Democrats and Governor Newsom blocked our amendment efforts, we did lay the groundwork for voters themselves to permanently shelve AB 5 in the November election.

Barrios also appears to have spent some of his final time in Gómez’s office laying the groundwork for his union job.

Other records obtained by VOSD suggest that Barrios was, at the very least, using his final days in office to lay the groundwork for his private union work.

Now, as the race for a Covid-19 vaccine continues, that groundwork could make it easier to immunize against the novel coronavirus once a shot reaches the market.

It adds a layer of compatibility that lays the groundwork not just for brain-inspired computers, but also for brain-machine interfaces and—perhaps—a sort of “cyborg” future.

Alito also feared that the court’s opinion might lay broader groundwork for a constitutional ruling protecting people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity as strictly as it protects them from sex discrimination.

In the clear light of a window at the woman's back, her hair, with a groundwork of crimson, was overshot with iridescent lights.

Had cooked up the scheme for pulling it off and had spent a good two weeks laying the groundwork.

The valves, gear, and nozzles were perhaps improved in detail; but the groundwork was unchanged.

I chanced on a hedge-sparrow's lately, the whole groundwork of which was composed of the dry vines of the wild white convolvulus.