Origin [noun]

Definition of Origin:

cause, basis

Synonyms of Origin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Origin:

Sentence/Example of Origin:

I am not answerable for offences which have their origin in the eyes of the multitude.

We see that the puzzle about identity proves at last to be of Grecian origin.

The trout-fly settled all doubts in my mind as to his origin and his identity.

Here we trace the origin of the infelicity of this religious household.

Fanny betrayed in her face the Italian origin of her father.

It derives its origin altogether from custom and experience.

Other theories with regard to the origin of the hundred have been suggested.

The origin of these turf monuments is still a matter of controversy.

True, and that proves something more, these animals are not of American origin.

This is the origin of the saying, “Good wine needs no bush.”